Not Enough Houses To Go Around

Not Enough Houses To Go Around

The state of the housing market today produces something of a paradox. There is not enough house building happening. Houses are in huge demand. Houses are fetching previously unimaginably high prices, but not enough are being built, when it would seem that builders should be making fortunes, and they’re obviously not.

It doesn’t seem to add up to making sense out of a supply and demand free market situation, perhaps a look at house building in recent history might help.

The first World War was the first time mass health inspections occurred, as hundreds of thousands of men enlisted, showing the poor state of health across many of the working classes, attributable to Continue reading Not Enough Houses To Go Around

Uninsured Drivers – How many Are There?

How Many Uninsured Motorists In The UK

It is a little frightening to hear that around 4% of cars in the UK are uninsured. That equates to around 1.5 million vehicles on our roads.

It’s a little frightening to think of how many drivers choose to share our roads without being responsible enough to protect themselves and other third party motorists from the possible consequences of your decisions.

It is a legal requirement to have minimum motoring insurance in place if you are going to drive in Continue reading Uninsured Drivers – How many Are There?

How To Keep Google Sweet – Whatever Their Algorithm Changes

Google Algorithm Updates Can Make Or Break A Website

It’s not an understatement to say that the next google algorithm update can have a devastating impact on your website and business.

If your site has never been affected by a Google update then chances are you have never attracted much traffic through Google organics.

If you have ever ranked at the top or near the top for competitive, high traffic keywords, you will know what it’s like when you first hit the top spot and enquiries start flooding in, and equally, you may also have experience of what it’s like when you drop down the rankings and suddenly the phone stops ringing.

The key to long term success is to Continue reading How To Keep Google Sweet – Whatever Their Algorithm Changes

Shopping & The Internet

Shopping, The Internet, and You

Shopping online is one of the great conveniences of our time, a seemingly endless range of goods and prices, just a few clicks away from being delivered to your door. However, there are times when you must stand back from this technological wonder that has turned into a commonplace process, and just check out what it is that you’re doing.

Basically it is a financial transaction you may be entering, and shopping online currently is a business involving tens of billions of pounds. This sort of money, rather like a drop of blood in Continue reading Shopping & The Internet

Apprenticeships – The university of Everything

The University of Everything

The growth in University attendance since the turn of the millennium would now, for the first time seem to be slowing down as a similar rise in apprenticeships is appearing.

The imposition of student loans instead of grants has begun to have a braking effect on student take up, as some graduates are finding that academic certificates are not an automatic passport to top employment.

It has become apparent to both academic suppliers and students alike that a degree in lawn management, or media studies is not going to carry the kudos of a degree in genetic biology or quantum physics, and thankfully many of the more trivial courses have been quietly dropped.

The introduction of tuition fee payments and student loans have played their part in making school leavers think carefully Continue reading Apprenticeships – The university of Everything