How To Keep Google Sweet – Whatever Their Algorithm Changes

Google Algorithm Updates Can Make Or Break A Website

It’s not an understatement to say that the next google algorithm update can have a devastating impact on your website and business.

If your site has never been affected by a Google update then chances are you have never attracted much traffic through Google organics.

If you have ever ranked at the top or near the top for competitive, high traffic keywords, you will know what it’s like when you first hit the top spot and enquiries start flooding in, and equally, you may also have experience of what it’s like when you drop down the rankings and suddenly the phone stops ringing.

The key to long term success is to do everything in your power to stay at the top.

Google is of course prone to make changes from time to time, but…. and this is a big but…….. the fundamentals do remain steady over time.

Google are trying to present the best quality, most useful results for each search query. In some instances this might not seem to be the case (I don’t need US TV shops special offers when I live in the UK….. just saying).

Your goal is to present what Google want to see. The interesting point to note here is that Google measure somewhere approaching 400 different metrics to do with each page. The results that score best across the board are the ones that do the best in SERPs.

Many SEO providers have one pet issue that they work hardest on, almost to the detriment of everything else, but modern SEO (pulling the wool over a semi intelligent Googlebot) is a very different animal to the one that used to be easier to manipulate just a few years ago.

Good SEO starts with having a Google friendly website that is designed to work in Google search. Get a quote from CRWD Affordable Web Design & get your self set up to succeed.

To provide the ‘best’ result, your page needs the basics in place; fast to load on all devices, mobile friendly, unique, well written content, on an IP that has no bad history, has few if any coding errors, etc.

If you pass all those algorithm tests, google looks to how users interact with your content. This is the reason new posts & content ranks higher in the first few weeks…. Google actually gives you a chance!

If people like your page, you improve in ranking or stay where you are… if however lots of visitors don’t give off the right engagement signals, your page will sink into the mire.

Once your page is live, slowly and steadily building some really good quality, trustworth backlinks will give the page some authority. Get quality backlinks from Deeho quality links and you can stop worrying about Google updates harming your rankings.

Googles algorithm treats a link as a positive or negative vote for your site. Each link passes trust and authority to you, so if you build a link on a page that later gets identified as being part of a link network then don’t be surprised if Google penalises you as a result.

The secret to long term Google success is to treat their algorithm with respect and if you stay within their upper and lower limits without pushing too hard at the boundaries, then you will not only survive future updates, but will even thrive because of them.

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